Nick Chooses AngelWorks for Eagle Scout Project!

Nick Chooses AngelWorks for his Eagle Scout Project!

Nick Brown has begun a very special eagle Scout project for a place dear to his heart. Nick, a scout since age 8, is a client at AngelWorks. On Saturday, September 8th, scouts, family, and friends distributed fliers listing items needed for the AngelWorks career center. A week later, the scouts collected donations from neighborhoods and sorted the items at AngelWorks.

“I chose AngelWorks because I have global developmental delays, and Angel Works provides a fun, music-filled environment for me to work in.” Nick wrote in his project description. “It’s the best place I have every worked. There is a wide variety of jobs to learn and do.”

“It was a wonderful outpouring of generosity from the community.” Deb Brown, Nick’s mother said. ” Nick received over 250 items for AngelWorks.”


VSP Club Member wins Miss Amazing Contest!

The Miss Amazing Pageant was started in 2007 by Omahan Jordan Somer and is now in 25 states. Miss Amazing celebrates the abilities of girls and women with disabilities.

Juli, a VSP Club member since last September, entered last year’s event but didn’t win. Kelsey Martens, another VSP Club member, won last year’s event.

A native of Romania, Juli lived in an orphanage until she was adopted by her mother Geri at the age of 5. Juli returned to Romania in 2009 for a mission trip where she had the opportunity to meet her biological dad, brother, and sister. While in Romania Juli and her mother worked in a home for special needs adults. It was a place Juli might have lived had she stayed in Romania. The conditions, as you can imagine, were less than desirable with little to eat, poor clothing, and few activities to participate in. “It was a stark contrast to what AngelWorks and the VSP Club provides for our kids.” Geri said.

Juli enjoys listening to music, dancing, playing basketball, and hanging out with friends! Juli also likes performing! Juli entered this year’s Miss Amazing Pageant with hopes of placing in the top three. She dressed in a traditional Romanian outfit and sang a traditional Romanian song.

Juli was shocked when her name was called as the overall winner of this year’s event! VSP Club members and staff were in attendance cheering Juli and Kelsey on! Kelsey placed 1st in talent this year!

Congratulations to Juli and Kelsey!

Sue celebrates anniversary!

August 4th marked a bittersweet memory for Susan an AngelWorks Client. Susan celebrated her 4th Anniversary as a Breast Cancer Survivor. Susan asked Angel Guardians to remind women the importance of regular exams and early detection. Susan, alongside her coworkers at AngelWorks, has been diligently working on a special project aimed at raising awareness. This 4 x 3 pink and white rug was Susan’s idea. She has requested the rug be auctioned off to the highest bidder in an effort to raise awareness for early detection. This wonderful rug was lovingly made by a survivor and a thriver. Sue is an inspiration to the entire Angel Guardian’s family. The “Awareness Rug” will be on display in the Art Center. Interested bidders can submit their entry in person or by email to Bidding closes on November 4th. Winner will be announced via email!


Why is it so challenging for society to see the abilities in everyone?

Matt’s Pregame Prediction Show

Matt makes a bold prediction for the NU vs. Idaho State football game in Lincoln, NE

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Marilyn has a little advice for Doctors

Marilyn, a client employee of Angel Guardians was diagnosed with Autism and mental retardation at a very early age. Marilyn recalls her Doctor informing her mother she would be unable to hold a job as an adult. Now, Marilyn has a little advice for Doctors around the world. “Stop telling patients they will never do something. Doctors should refrain from using the words never and can’t.” Marilyn would like the Doctors to see her now! She is currently working at the Free Lunch Cafe’. She functions as a hostess, a server and a chef! Marilyn is proud of her accomplishments and understands there are some roles she may not be qualified for, yet! According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in six are diagnosed with a cognitive or intellectual disability. Few families can escape knowing an individual with an intellectual disability. Marilyn is sharing her story so that others may enjoy a more fruitful life!

Yep, I’m loving it here!

Yep, I'm loving it here!

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“My son is making progre…

“My son is making progress everyday. The transition from the other program was easier than I ever imagined. His behaviors have reduced greatly and he is really enjoying the varied work at Angel Guardians.”

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Tim loves the interaction with his friends at Angel Guardians in Omaha, Nebraska. Socialization, meaningful work, compassionate hearts and a sense of purpose in this crazy world!

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eBay Giving Works recognizes Angel Guardians

eBay Giving Works recognizes Angel Guardians

A great article on Angel Guardians was recently posted on the eBay Giving Works website. Please share with your family and friends.

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